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Let Us Custom-Build Your Dream Come True For You!

Have you ever dreamed about owning a one-of-a-kind vehicle? A vehicle that is so unique it demands attention? A vehicle that will take you places off road that you never thought you could reach? Your dreams can come true at Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Walled Lake, MI.

We have teamed up with the top Wrangler design and build company in the US - American Expedition Vehicles!

AEV has earned a world wide reputation for building top quality, cutting edge off road vehicles. They help us take your everyday production vehicle and transform it into the vehicle of your dreams.For additional information and package pricing please give our sales or service department a call or send us an e-mail by clicking HERE

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Wrangler 2" Lift Kit with FOX Racing Shocks**

Features the new FOX Racing Shox 2.0 Performance Series IFP shock. Its brushed aluminum shock body dissipates heat faster than conventional steel and combines with other race-inspired technology to provide incredible fade-free performance, precise handling and stability. Hard chrome plated heat-treated shock shaft and redundant sealing system does not require a dust boot. Includes four tuned coil springs, brake line, track bar brackets 1310, Double Cardan front drive shaft and yoke (3.6L engine) and all the hardware required for a complete installation

Features Added:

  • Full Suspension Lift Kit Installed Price: $2,340.00
  • Custom Star Hood Decal Installed: $390.00
  • 5 Black AEV 17" Pintler Off Road Wheels & BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 LT285/70R17 tires Installed: $2,300.00
  • USA-JK Package Installed: $4,499.00

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The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon American Expedition Vehicle


AEV's JK Wrangler Conversion combines the creature comforts and exceptional 4-wheel drive capabilities of the Jeep Wrangler with their line of distinctive, award-winning accessories. The Jeep Wrangler is truly AEV's specialty. When you see the care they've taken to match their accessories to the Wrangler's lines and the attention they've given to the quality of the overall conversion, you'll be convinced that the AEV-converted Wrangler came straight from Jeep. Further enhancing the conversion is a variety of world-class accessories that you can choose from to tailor the AEV Wrangler to your lifestyle. They can even add a 425 hp HEMI to your Wrangler!


AEV JK Wrangler Conversion:

  • AEV Base Options: (Included on all AEV Vehicles)
  • AEV Front Bumper w/Winch Mount & Skidplate
  • AEV Heat Reduction Hood
  • AEV Corner Guards
  • AEV Jack Base
  • AEV Speedometer Recalibration
  • AEV Badging
  • AEV Conversion Installation Labor
  • AEV Warranty

Suspension & Gearing & Tires:

  • Choice of 3" or 4" suspension lift to accommodate, and 35" or 37" tires respectively

Wheels & Tires:

  • 35" or 37" BFG Mud-Terrain tires, and AEV Pintler beadlock or non-beadlock wheels.

Optional Engine Swap:

  • V8 - 5.7L HEMI, or V8 - 6.1L HEMI, or V8 - 6.4L HEMI

Other Options:

  • AEV Snorkel
  • Appearance Package
  • Rear Axle Upgrade
  • Interior Hard Top Paint
  • IPF Lighting upgrades
  • Warn Winch Options
  • Leather & Heated Seating
  • Kicker Audio

Custom 2015 Wrangler Unlimited Sport featuring:

  • AEV DualSport 2.5" XT Suspension System
  • ProCal Module
  • (5) Pro Comp La Paz Series 5029 Alloy Wheels in Satan Black
  • (5) BFGoodrich 35 x 12.50 17" MUD-TERRAIN KM2
  • Front Bumper Mounted Light Bar & Off Road Lights
  • Custom Graphics Package

Lift Installation + Parts & Labor: $2,100.00

AEV's DualSport 2.5-Inch XT Suspension System was designed to appeal to Jeep JK Wrangler owners who want the added highway and trail performance of AEV's taller 3.5 and 4.5-inch DualSport Systems, but with a reduced lift height.

As with AEV's 3.5 and 4.5-inch systems, painstaking attention was paid to tuning and geometry in the new system. Not content to simply borrow the same spring rates and shock valving of the taller systems, AEV set out to specially tune coils and shocks that are unique to the needs of the new, lower system. The result is new frequency-tuned, triple-rate coils at all four corners and custom-tuned Bilstein shocks matched to the coils. Additionally, AEV evaluated the new system for cornering and braking and determined that a new, geometry-corrected rear Track-Arm Tower would be needed to help create the kind of handling AEV suspension systems are expected to have.

The new system is rounded out with everything else needed to complete the package. This includes a custom rear track-arm, front stabilizer end link relocation brackets, bump-stop extensions and brake line relocation brackets. Combined with the springs and shocks, these components allow AEV's DualSport 2.5-Inch XT Suspension System to deliver classic AEV on and off-highway performance, exceptional reliability and a lower, more user-friendly lift height.

Key Features:

  • Same ride quality as 3.5" and 4.5" lifts with reduced height
  • Coils and shocks tuned to the needs of the lower system
  • Reliability and durability you expect from AEV DualSport Systems
  • No exhaust modifications required
  • Accommodates 33" and 35" tires

Please note: The AEV/Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers included in this kit feature a Bilstein Triple C zinc plated finish. This finish must be serviced regularly in order to maintain its luster. Particularly in moist climates, a protective coating, such as wax or lubricating oil should be applied to prevent tarnishing. The finish is not covered under warranty.

*Actual lift height may vary depending on vehicle weight.

JK Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

AEV's Front Control Arm Drop Brackets pack a lot of suspension performance improvements into a small and affordable package. These drop brackets will improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges), increase anti-dive for improved braking performance, decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft, and eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction. AEV Front Control Arm Drop Brackets are included in all AEV 3.5"/4.5" DualSport suspensions, but can also be added to AEV's 2.5" DualSport suspension as well as other manufacturer's suspensions. See Tech Specs for more details.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges) - By reducing the operating angle of the front control arms, the suspension is allowed to work in a more natural state. This means that when hitting a bump, the force applied to the control arms is directed up into the springs instead of back directly into the frame. In effect an AEV 3.5" lifted JK "thinks" its lifted only 1.25".
  • Change the instant center to increase Anti-Dive for improved braking performance - By increasing the anti-dive geometry of the suspension, you'll notice the front of the vehicle will barely drop under hard braking when the control arm brackets are used. By increasing force on the front wheels, traction is increased for better straight line braking and by reducing the shifting weight and inertia under braking in curves, handling is greatly improved.
  • Decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft - This one is often overlooked. Aftermarket double cardan joints do not have the torque rating (1850lb/ft for t a 1310 double cardan, 2150 lb/ft for the OE CV Joint) and they can't run as smoothly so its advantageous for most JK use to keep the stock CV units. The Front Control Arm Brackets rotate the pinion up as the axle drops to eliminate torn boots on the CV for long life with a lifted application.
  • Eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction - We've been touting the benefits of using the stock control arms for a long time because of the pre-loaded rubber OE Bushings that the factory uses, and because that quality has yet to be rivaled in any aftermarket bushing. These new brackets allow for the proper caster ranges to be achieved.

ProCal Module

AEV's ProCal Module is a hand-held powerhouse! This essential tool provides JK owners an easy, low-cost way to make a variety of useful changes not offered by the dealer or any other re-programmer. Topping the list is the ability to correct the speedometer and gear ratio when larger tires are installed. When the speedometer is left uncorrected, there is a major degradation in the performance of the stability control (ESP), transmission shifting, and engine performance.

The best part of the ProCal is that it isn't just for correcting the speedometer. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System can now be recalibrated to better suit aftermarket tires without triggering the dash light. Further, the ProCal Module makes it possible to activate daytime running lamps, "one-touch" turn signals, enable a temporarily increased engine idle speed for winching, clear engine codes, and even has a feature to help alignment technicians align the vehicle perfectly for optimal ESP performance.

The ProCal Module is equipped with a series of easy-to-use DIP switches. By reading the simple Quick Reference Guide included with the ProCal module, a user can quickly dial in a code for the desired recalibration. Once the DIP switches are set, simply plug the Module into the vehicle's OBDII. The whole process can be completed in mere minutes and it's just as easy to restore the vehicle back to its original settings with the ProCal.

Wheels & Tires: Mounted, Balanced, Installed: $3,800.00

Pro Comp La Paz Series 5029 Alloy Wheel in Satin Black

Pro Comp Alloys are designed using State-Of-The-Art Low-Pressure-Casting Technology providing unsurpassed wheel strength, style and value. Pro Comp Alloy Wheels combine head turning style, light weight, durable finish in black powder coat. Pro Comp Alloys also incorporate a high offset brake clearance for today's performance trucks and sport utility vehicles


  • Mud tire
  • Extraordinary Off-Road Performance
  • The tire uses a combination of outstanding off-road traction, robust construction and aggressive aesthetics that provide race-proven performance
  • Designed for 4WD enthusiasts who want the latest in top off-road performance

Light Bar & Off Road Lights + Parts and Labor: $600.00

Light bar mounts up to 3 off road lamps for shake free lighting when driving off road. Any lamps can be fitted, Frame mounted light bar holds up to 3 off road lamps. Bolts to existing holes for easy damage free installation. Mounts lamps just in front of the vehicle grille. For 07 and newer Wrangler.

Round 6.5" with black plastic housing, 55-watt, 75,000 candle power, with Hella/Mopar logo covers. Off road lamp pattern.

Off Road Light Installation Kit for installing one pair Off-Road Lights 82207271. Includes interior and exterior wire harness, switch and relay. Lights are only used when headlights are on high beam.

Custom Graphics Package: $399.00

Started as a new 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4x4

 Nicles Wrangler.jpg

Features Added:

  • AEV 4dr DualSport SC Suspension Lift including...
    • Frequency-tuned progressive rate springs
    • Custom-tuned shocks
    • Geometry-corrected rear trackbar tower and trackbar
    • Rear stabilizer end link
    • HD steering damper
    • Front control arm drop brackets
  • (5) AEV Black Pintler Wheels
  • (5)BF Goodrich 35" All Terrain Tires (315/70R17)

The Wrangler below is one of the coolest vehicles we ever built. Shuman and American Expedition Vehicles teamed up to have this one-of-a-kind Wrangler built for the Detroit Red Wings to use during the 2008 season.

The Red Patrol Jeep Equipped with AEV's Expedition and Appearance Packages

Package Includes:

  • AEV Winch Mount Front Bumper (the only stamped, heavy-gauge steel bumper in the aftermarket)
  • AEV Heat Reduction Hood
  • AEV Front Skidplate and Tow Loops
  • AEV 17-inch Silver Non-Beadlock Wheels
  • AEV-tuned 4-inch suspension lift with remote reservoir shocks
  • AEV Appearance Package with color-matched flares, bumper, hardtop and corner guards
  • Custom paint in Red Wing Red, along with iconic Winged Wheel graphics
  • 37-inch BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain Tires
  • Warn 9.5ti Thermometric Self-Recovery Winch
  • IPF 900XSD Off Road Lights

Facing off for another season as one of the most storied franchises in professional sports, the Detroit Red Wings will hit the trail in one of the coolest Jeeps on the planet. The truck will get its game face on with help from Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).

AEV and Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, both of Walled Lake, Michigan, built a custom Red Wings Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for the club's use throughout the 2008 season.

The Red Wings Red Patrol Jeep was shown outside the Gordie Howe Entrance to Joe Louis Arena before every home game during the season. At select games the Jeep circled the famed Joe Louis ice surface between periods. The vehicle also appeared at promotional events throughout the season.

For additional information and package pricing please give our sales or service department a call or send us an e-mail by clicking HERE

AEV Prospector for Ram Trucks - Starting at $13,925

Package Contents:

  • AEV Premium Front Bumper
  • AEV HD 3" DualSport SC Suspension
  • AEV Katla or Salta HD Wheels
  • AEV Badging
  • AEV Instrument Cluster
  • AEV Logo Headrests
  • AEV Serialized Build Plaque
  • AEV Anti-Glare Decal
  • Painted Grille and Rear Bumper

Videos and Images of Custom Jeeps below:

 2door_jk_003.jpg gallery_4dr_003.jpg gallery_4dr_007.jpg


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