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Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US!  Did you know the FTC has estimated that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year!  An identity is stolen every 79 seconds and the average person will spend more than 81 hours of their own time trying to recover from the effects of identity theft.  Do I have your attention??  Shuman can help with Smart IDentity.

Your risk of being in an auto accident: 1 in 130
Your risk of being an ID Theft Victim: 1 in 27

If your Identity was Breached...What would you do?  Who would you call?  Here's how we can help.  Shuman has adopted an Identity Theft restoration product called Smart IDentity.  Be Prepared...Not Overwhelmed!

Each and every day we all hear about the latest Data Breaches because the personal information compromised included data elements useful to identity thieves like Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, Drivers License Numbers.  Just recently the Sony Play Station on-line player database was breached, this affected millions of people.  Large corporations down to small business are not immune to Identity Theft.   

Why Purchase A Personal Information Recovery Plan?
An average of 81 hours over 7 months is spent by individuals recovering their identity
*  Your employer will have little tolerance for the use of their time to recover your identity
*  Identity Theft can result in false medical history
*  Identity Theft can result in denied employment
*  Identity Theft can result in collection harassment
*  Identity Theft can result in arrest warrants
*  Identity Theft can result in denied credit/tuition/loans
*  Identity Theft can result in increased interest rates
*  Identity Theft can result in increased or even canceled insurance
*  Protect Your Good Credit Rating!

Your Fully Managed Personal Information Recovery Plan Includes:
You or Your Family Members will be assigned a personal FCRA-trained Recovery Advocate to recover your credit
*  Complete Recovery of your identity to 100% per-event status
*  Complete Recovery from all forms of use of your identity including; Medical, Employment, Criminal, Financial, Social Security
*  On Your Behalf your personal advocate will create a comprehensive recovery plan, notify all merchants involved, file & complete all forms/affidavits, contact banks, notify all affected creditors, notify all utility providers, notify social security administration, notify all credit bureaus
*  Post Recovery follow up for one year (once compromised, your identity can be used for multiple events)
*  Toll Free victim Hotline

There are two choices of plans, single and family.  The family plan includes spouse or domestic partner and children age 24 or younger living in the same household.

3 Years of Coverage
$309.00 Single
$329.00 Family

Over 100 million Americans have had their personal information Breached from the various institutions, exposing their most valuable possession...Their Identity!  The odds are against you...Take Action and give us a call!


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