If it's time for you to turn in your lease or your lease is soon expiring, you may have a few questions on the next steps to take.
See what your options are and what the process is for when your lease is ending.

Lease-End Options

  1. Lease or purchase another CDJR vehicle - Stop by and discuss your options with one of our certified CDJR sales associates. They can give you all of your options and find the best vehicle to fit your wants and needs at the best possible price.

  2. Purchase your lease - You will find your purchase price on your original contract, or you can call the lending institution to get your pay off. If you want to purchase your lease, please call our pre-owned finance manager, Steve Smith, at 248-560-4135.

  3. Turn your lease in and do not replace.

Ready For Your Next Great Ride?

You do not have to wait until your lease is due back to start thinking about getting a new vehicle. We have taken people out of their leases who had 12 payments or more left! This is not the norm, and sometimes it does not make sense to get out of your lease early, but give us a call (248-669-2010) and talk to one of our certified CDJR sales associates and see what we can do for you.

We WILL accept lease returns from other Chrysler dealerships if we have room on our lot. So even if you did not initially lease your vehicle from Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we are able to take the return and set you up with a new lease from our dealership. Please give a call to Amy Brown, and if we have the room on our lot, we can set up an appointment for you to return your lease.

If you are going to turn in your lease and NOT re-lease another vehicle from Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you will need an appointment. Please contact Amy Brown to set up your appointment.


Pre-Inspections and Wear and Tear

We recommend having a pre-inspection done on your lease before you turn it back into the dealership. If you are within 90 days of your lease maturity date, you can call the lending institution and set up an appointment for them to come to you to do the pre-inspection:

Ally: Does not offer pre-inspectionsChrysler Capital: 855-383-0558
US Bank: 866-585-8080BBCU: 800-878-5400

If you would like, you can complete your own self-inspection using the "Wear Square" as a guide as to what is considered "excessive"

  • Any burn holes or rips larger than 1/8" is chargeable
  • Any cracks or stars in the windshield larger than 1/2" is chargeable
  • Any dings, dents or cracks larger than 2" on the exterior of the vehicle is chargeable
  • If there is less than 1/8" of tread depth on any tires, you will be charged
  • All tires must be the same make and size, otherwise, you may be charged
  • Missing keys are chargeable

Refer back to your contract for a full list of what is considered "excessive" wear and tear.

Please know that inspections are no longer done at Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We have not done pre-inspections in almost 5 years. The lending institutions are using a third-party company to do the inspections now. Once your lease is turned in, the bank will pick up the lease and take it to auction. Before the lease is put up for auction, the bank will do a final inspection. If there is any chargeable wear and tear to your vehicle, the bank will send you a bill. Please understand that any wear and tear charges are between you and the bank, not the dealership that you turned your lease in at.


Allowable Mileage

Your payments are based on different options, one of them being allowable miles. If you exceed the allowable miles per your lease agreement, the bank will charge you for every mile that you go over. On the other hand, if you purchase extra miles (anything over 15,000 miles a year), and do not use them, you may be entitled to a refund. Please see the chart below:





$0.20 per mile

Must be within 60 days of maturity, and up-to-date on all payments

Chrysler Capital

$0.25 per mile

Can get a refund at any time as long as all payments have been made

US Bank

$0.25 per mile

No refund



No refund


Hopefully, this page was able to answer many of your questions regarding the lease-end process, but if you have remaining questions or a question about something that was not mentioned, please contact our Sales Retention Manager, Amy Brown, and she will do her best to help you. Please know that we have been in business, right here in Walled Lake, for over 62 years! We would not have been able to accomplish this if we did not treat our customers with kindness and respect.



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Wear Square Guide

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